We’re Live!

Like a mother anticipating her newborn baby, this process has been a labor of love; exciting, scary and even producing the worst case of heartburn imaginable.  Even still, the day has finally come when •TMH Tees• is live!

Although “going live” has been an achievement in and of itself, I’ve still been left to wonder what I could do to really up the ante for the debut  of •TMH Tees•.  With that thought in mind, I was able to connect with a friend at a nationally recognized print company for a little help.

Now, although the screen printers who help produce •TMH Tees• products are local (and amazing), their unique and hand-crafted processes are accompanied by some considerable time constraints.  By working with national screen printers on this first project however, a “speedy” cross-promotional effort has presented itself!

For the •TMH Tees• launch, a handful of sizes and designs have been pre-produced and are available NOW for immediate sale.  Paid orders for the Black Girl Series Empowerment and Travel Tees will be shipped as early as tomorrow.  This means that you could get your shirt. in hand. this week.

Please note that supplies are limited for this promotion and sales will be executed on a first come, first serve basis.  Once the promotional inventory is sold out, all regular orders will be processed within the standard two week turn-around timeframe.

So go ahead; peruse the site and place your orders. And if you love your apparel as much as we think you will, we’d love to know.  On social media, follow us (@tmhtees) and post pictures of your favorite •TMH Tees• shirt with the hashtag #4ablackgirl for a chance to be included in our customer gallery.

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