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In The Know: •TMH Tees• Update Blog

Art Imitating Real Life: Black Girl Saviors

For as anxious as I have been over the past 18 months to FINALLY be able to delve into the mystically advanced and antecedent world of Wakanda via Marvel Studios’ Blockbuster release of Black Panther, I could not help but to draw parallels between the many visible, but ancillary characters known as the Dora Milaje […]

We’re Live!

Like a mother anticipating her newborn baby, this process has been a labor of love; exciting, scary and even producing the worst case of heartburn imaginable.  Even still, the day has finally come when •TMH Tees• is live! Although “going live” has been an achievement in and of itself, I’ve still been left to wonder what I could […]

Welcome To TMH Tees!

Whether you’ve been invited, just stumbled your way through the interwebs or have simply allowed your curiosity to get the better of you, let us take a moment to formally welcome you to TMH Tees Custom Graphic T-shirt Company. It is our hope that on this site you discover fun, fresh and inspiring products that […]