We Are

TMH Tees is a custom apparel company that lauds the triumphs and complexities of life as a Black Girl in the modern era. It is never our intention to be exclusionary of any other group of women; our goal is simply to reject the notion that Black Girl Brilliance in any of its many forms somehow exists in a vacuum.

We Provide

This specialty apparel brand showcases the vastness of the Black Girl Experience as a collection of events to be celebrated, not looked upon as some sort of exception or anomaly.

The words and imagery that we craft into each of our designs speak boldly and unapologetically, especially for those whose voices are oftentimes ignored or otherwise refused to be heard.

We Believe

Black Girls are timeless. They aren’t just children, but also young ladies and mature women. They are diverse and so are their experiences. Our goal is to provide a product that will always applaud that diversity.